Shooting Hybrid Street At the Carnival

Shooting Hybrid Street At the Carnival

Here are my top photos from a recent carnival in Chicago. I had my good friend and fellow street photographer, Molly Porter, with me as a shoot partner to feed energy and provide a sense of comfort when dealing with circumstances out of your control. People are less likely to think poorly of who you are and why you're shooting them without permission when you have a partner you can trust. You will learn so much more from each other; partners push for different perspectives, approaches, and a greater flow of creativity, granted you can find the right person.  

I will categorize my favorite images from the carnival into two parts:

1. Digital (edited on VSCO Cam app using Chromatic preset pack)

2. 35mm Color Film

Shot on 2 film stocks, Agfa Vista 200 and Kodak Portra 400, both C-41 color film on a Canon AE-1 35mm camera and 28mm + 50mm FD lenses. 

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