5 things you can do NOW to increase your creativity:

I've learned a ton these last few years, and as my college advertising studies at DePaul University come to a close, I wanted to share some insights with you. Here are some of my thoughts as I reflect on the creative process and living a creative life, whether in your personal life or work/career...

1. Surround yourself with other creative minded people who express their thoughts on a variety of subjects in pop culture regularly. What I've learned from people I've added on Facebook that I might not've felt confident in friending has taught me so much about different perspectives. Exposing yourself to people with new lines of thinking stimulates innovation and creativity.

2. Focus on finding INSIGHTS about human behavior. What's an insight? Basically something that makes you think of something differently or in a new way. This stimulates creativity. But you need to have a good grasp of human psychology and sociology...at least when dealing with a human or consumer problem such as in advertising.

 3. Be empathetic to whoever you're trying to convince, persuade, etc. put yourself in their shoes truly. It doesn't just help creativity, it helps you find the insight (see #2).

4. Stop being perfect and leave your expectations at home. Thinking literally and trying to be perfect when starting the creative process will hinder you. The end result and execution can be as close to perfect as humanly possible, but the start of the creative process requires fluidity, and this happens when you remove expectations.

5. If in doubt, break the rules... Including the ones above. 😊🙌 Did I miss anything you'd like to add? Comment below with your responses. Looking forward to seeing them!